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Spiltmilk 'Inna House' (MSLX)

'Inna House' / Rennie Foster Inna Warehouse Remix'

The return of hip house? YES PLEASE! Anyone who grew up through the late 80's house music explosion will have heard the more funky Hip House sound from the likes of Fast Eddie, Mr Lee and Deskee. Fusing funk, hip hop and house, this sound was just great dance music, even though it could lean towards cheese in some cases, but where it was tough and raw, Hip House smashed it out of the park. So when a new hip house 7" landed in the 45 Live office from Trevor of MSLX Records in Canada, this reviewer got excited! Thankfully there's no cheese in this at all, it's a great minimal Hip House dub groover with all the right sounds - woo yeah's, snappy snares - and funky as you like. Gorgeous bassline too. I for one would love to see new Hip House records return in greater numbers, it's time to go back...

Buy here: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/64352-mslx003-spiltmilk-inna-house