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Stretch, Bobbito & The M19s Band 'No Requests' (Uprising)

Stretch, Bobbito & The M19s Band
'No Requests' 5 x 7" Boxset

A superb 5x7" box set here, the jazz is strong with New York legends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia hooking up with the specially created super dynamic nine-piece combo The M19s and covering various classic and obscure songs on what is a 30 year in the waiting debut album. There are sublime moments throughout this project, and the sublime is connected by pure class, there's literally nothing out of place or misplaced. Highlights? well for starters the Police's 'Voices Inside My Head', a truly remarkable interpretation that fuses Latin and jazz into a stunning version, then there's the Roberto Roena Latin stomper 'Que Se Sepa' (feat Jose Parla Y Mireya Ramos). Also of note is The Clash's 'Magnificent Dance' that features Rich Medina with a spoken word vocal, I thought it was Gil Scott-Heron for a moment! Lovely to see this come out as a 7" boxset and not just CD/download, I can see this being a big favourite amongst DJs that love going deep in their sets, fans of Gilles Peterson etc.

With DJ income completely cut off, spending significant money on records is a difficult choice, so it's only the bangers and the absolute must-haves...this is both. Excellent.

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