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Suckaside - Even After All (Suckaside)

A:Even After All
B: Gorilla Witness


We have literally lost count of how many times a Suckaside edit has saved the day when the usual tried and trusted sureshots have somehow left us out in the cold with no hope of breathing new life into what seems like a lifeless dancefloor. For that reason a Suckaside forty-five is always within reaching distance and acts as the secret weapon when rocking the club circuit. This double-sider of heat really scratches that itch. The crew is always-on-point. If that's news to you, then it's time to dive into their extensive catalogue to see what all the fuss is about. The fuss is indeed warranted on their latest 45 where the listener is treated to two side of Suckaside goodness. 'Even After All' funnels the Finley funkiness through the hip hop Suckaside fusion box to deliver a go to head nodder that has reportedl left Chuck's gob rooted to the deck. On the flip, the chaps run up the gears and deliver with aplomb on 'Gorilla Witness'. If this does not blow the eff up all over the shop then we don't know what will. Heavy, heavy Sim Roots vibes on this one. Yes sir! Grab doubles post haste as this one will surely sell out.