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Suckaside - Toxic Funk Vol 7 (Breakbeat Paradise)

A: Put Your Catz Up
B: Hot Jumpin'

(Breakbeat Paradise)

A label we continue to bank on when the situation demands it is Breakbeat Paradise and for their latest 45 in the Toxic Funk series they enlist a crew who know their onions when it comes to party-rockin’ uptempo joints. The crew in question are B-Side and Sucka Timmy who make up Suckaside who are responsible for a clutch of sure fire edits to date.

On ‘Put Your Catz Up’ they lay bare their passion for classic boom bap and season the track with some teflon-coated drums and some jazzy horns. Expect this one to blow the ‘eff up! On the flip, a familiar Fine Malt tale gets flipped and given a fresh Suckaside rinse and shine, 'Hot Jumpin'' is another cut tailored for the party crowd that will live long in the play box. Avoid genuine disappointment and head to your nearest brick and mortar record emporium today to scoop this one up or simply visit Juno or Bandcamp.