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Super Eagles Band With The Mushi Players - ​Sock It To Me (Mushi 45)

Super Eagles Band With The Mushi Players
Sock It To Me
(Mushi 45)

One word springs to mind when we look to describe the mysterious Japanese powerhouse Mister Mushi and that is relentless. His incredible work ethic is unparalleled. He’s not one to rest on past glory that’s for sure. The producer’s imprint Mushi 45 present for us a juicy slice of upfront b-boy friendly funk to please those already in the knowledge about all things Mushi. The track bangs, plain and simple and it's with great pride and excitement that we can now finally wax lyrical about 'Sock It To Me' by Super Eagles Band who join forces with The Mushi Players on this release.

Although this is the label's fourteenth release it is the first to feature Super Eagles Band who are a brand new collective of musicians with this being their debut release. Rapid fire drums and a funky bassline and sax set the pace. Pure fire! Serving as a timely reminder of how these things are done right, Mister Mushi is back. But please don't take my word for it. Check out the preview below and get your preorder in today from Juno.