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Take You Home by Lack of Afro

Lack of Afro
'Take You Home'

I urge you to take heed of Lack Of Afro’s message on this record and take a copy of this 45 home today. On ‘Take You Home’ let Joss Stone be your guiding light as she lays down musical bonbons that Hansel and Gretel would surely be proud of. Following that path back home is the message for today.

Distinct face warmer territory on the flip as Lack Of Afro enlists the help of Emma Noble. We hear Emma toasting the success to what this release will surely bring. The venue is Lack Of Afro Tavern and it’s a place we’ll be dropping in and out of for years to come now that we can follow the musical breadcrumbs! Hearth warming stuff.

Link to buy: https://lackofafro.bandcamp.com/album/take-you-home