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The Allergies - Every Trick In The Book (Jalapeno)

The Allergies
A: Every Trick In The Book
B: Nuff Respect feat. Andy Cooper


Bristol billboard pinups The Allergies have only gone and done it again. No sooner are we getting back on our feet after their last sucka punch forty-five for Jalapeno Records then we are met with a thunderous knuckle dusta double whammy that will surely signal lights out if you’re within earshot. What is their secret to dancefloor devastation across the land? Why do so many jocks rely on the Allergies when the dancefloor droops when it really oughta be climaxing? Only Moneyshot and Rackabeat better known as The Allergies have the answer. So let them charm you once again with ‘Every Trick In the Book’ because these are the producers who know what makes us feel good and what turns us on. Just don’t ask them to reveal what’s in the Allergies trick book because you’ll be met with a pair of stoney faces.

Things are turned up a notch or two as they pay homage to legendary Juice Crew rapper Big Daddy Kane on ‘Nuff Respect’  on the flip. Not an easy task you might think. Step up guest rapper and Allergies tour buddy Andy Cooper to get the job done with aplomb. All hail the Kane yes but let’s also bow down and give thanks to Andy Cooper and The Allergies for delivering a classic fast rap cut that surely the Prince Of Darkness would co-sign.

Available now with a super fresh picture sleeve designed by Mark Cursa. Get your copy today from Bandcamp here.