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The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper 'Blast Off Remix' (Jalapeno)

The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper
'Rock Rock' / 'Blast Off Remix'

The Allergies keep the vinyl 45 pressure high with the insanely fast rapping skills of Andy Cooper on 'Rock Rock', yet once again for this reviewer, it's all about the B side. The funky and smooth 'Blast Off' gets a choice remix here, adding layers of raw soul and flavour. This is where The Allergies really shine for me, more old school cut and paste funk vibes rather than the more polished 'new funk/beats' sound. They expertly exhibited this on the brilliant 'Rockin' Ya Block' remix of Bocawoody which was one of 2017's highlights for sure. I know this is where Moneyshot's heart lays and certainly hope it's a trend they continue with. Excellent, and in the play box it goes.

Buy here: theallergies.bandcamp.com/album/rock-rock-blast-off-2