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The Allergies - Going To The Party (Jalapeno)

The Allergies
Going To The Party / Utility Man

In the interest of public safety we feel it is our duty to inform you that the brand new 45 from The Allergies is indeed available to purchase online and not just, as some have suggested, at your local record shop. We can't stress that enough. The last thing we want is for music fans to head into town enmasse, packing out the shops in a panic driven frenzy waving cash around in the direction of the frightened shop keeper who can be found huddled in a ball in the corner, shivering with fear. We envisage this scenario in every town and village throughout the land regardless of what we say. That's the effect The Allergies have on the general public. Beatlemania on steroids. Who can blame them?

For this release they bring two supa emcees to join them and the results will please those over zealous superfans. On 'Going To The Party' Moneyshot and Rackabeat are joined by L.A. rap king Lyrics Born for an upfront rap cut primed for the sweaty club. On 'Utility Man' they once again team up with Andy Cooper who brings his own vocab toolbox to tweak the nuts and leave the motor purring. Meow!

Out now on Bandcamp or at your local record shop (stay safe).