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The Allergies 'Hypnotise' (Jalapeno)

The Allergies
'Hypnotize' / 'Vamanos'

Never to be found sitting still twiddling their thumbs, The Allergies are claiming the title of most prolific right now. Their upcoming 6th album is in the bag apparently and with it a possible tweak of musical and graphic styling if this new single is anything to go by.

The striking artwork of 'Hypnotise' is an immediate and effective lure, hooking you in with promises of tasty treats, and that hook is sharp. The title track heads into what feels very much like new territory, thumping Afro-beats with Dele Sosimi getting entangled in the Allergies musical machine. It's a corker too, phat 4-to-the-floor beats peppered up with horn riffs, Dele's sweet vocals and swirling atmospherics. This is a straight-up dancefloor winner that will cross many a DJs path, from funksters to house-heads, all will find a place in their set for this one. I hope this gets the love across the board and inspires Moneyshot and Rackabeat to make more in the same vein. LOVE. IT.

And for once for this particular reviewer, it's ALL about the A side here. The flip side 'Vamanos' is too far toward some kind of radio-friendly pop-funk with it bordering on cheese (sorry guys), but hey, all reviews are subjective, right? I'll wager everyone is going to buy it for 'Hypnotise' anyway, and they will be right to do so.

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