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The Allergies 'Lean On You' (Jalapeno)

The Allergies
'Lean On You' (feat. Dynamite MC) / 'Working On Me'

I'm going to write this review back to front, travelling from B to A to put it another way.

It has been noticed that this particular reviewer is quite partial to a B side, why is that? I think in some respects the flip side is MORE important than the A side. Sure, the A is the big beat, it's the catch-all hit that can rope in new fans, it's an important song. And with Dynamite MC guesting on this A, even more so, but we'll get to that...

I see the B as the track for the heads, the dedicated fans, it's also a place for going deeper. Either through a remix or in this instance, condensing everything The Allergies stand for in just over 3 minutes of uptempo dancefloor perfection. The vibe of 'Working On Me' is utterly infectious, driven by repetitive guitar licks, mirrored horns, subtle Rhodes and a sweet sax. Naturally, all this is underpinned by super-strong drums and the occasional nod to hip-house with that JB mini-scream, the energy just builds and builds, and builds. Proper hands-in-the-air bizniz that makes me want to play a gig NOW just so I can drop this peak time. Is this my favourite Allergies B ever? Quite possibly so.

Over on the A side, Dynamite MC is back in cahoots with the lads for another collaboration in 'Lean On You'. Dynamite MC aka Dominic Smith is one of the UK's most prolific MCs, adding flavour everywhere from Hospital Records to Talkin Loud, from D&B, big beat, and breaks of every persuasion. He's also a sommelier, that's my favourite bit ;).

This A side is definitely what I mentioned earlier, the big beat, and with this, The Allergies have dug their heels in for a crossover half time stepper that has HIT written all over it. Dynamite pours some fine lyrical lines over the moody breaks and to my ears, the result sounds mid Atlantic, this could blow up either side of the pond, or hopefully both.

So all in all a seriously good and complete 45, 2 sweet sides, 2 vibes and 1 essential purchase.

Love it.

Buy: Bandcamp / Juno