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The Estimations - Can't Do This To Me / Let Me Go (Kimberlite)

The Estimations
Can't Do This To Me
B: Let Me Go


Soul music! For anyone with even the faintest passing interest in the marriage of these two words, the release of this record will stoke some strong emotions. Because that's what the finest soul music does: It steers up raw emotion. Facilitated through the efforts of Kimberlite Records out of Edmonton, Canada the debut release on this label is from The Estimations. 'Can't Do This To Me'  is a sweet Northern track with a percussive style giving a nod to some of the percussionists who have recorded for Fania through the latter half of the last century. 'Let Me Go' opens with a led heavy drum break that if it were available around '75 would make Kool Herc and The Herculoids go reaching for the masking tape and claim this as their own discovery.

Pre-order is available now via Juno Records or https://kimberliterecords.com.