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The Family Forture with Betty Black - Cry Me A River ​(Skyline Recordings)

The Family Forture with Betty Black 
Cry Me A River
(Skyline Recordings)

When required, Skyline Recordings always seem to roll out the gigantic bat-signal from the roof of the Skyline Recordings building in downtown Twickenham. The heroes in capes who have answered the call on this occasion are Ralph Lamb and his trusty sidekick Andy Ross who alongside Betty Black (an actual superhero name we reckon) bring order to the dancefloor in the shape of their inspired take of 'Cry Me A River'. It' s impossible to fathom that our heroes walk among us every day and yet the chosen few are aware of their superhuman ability to produce music like this. Big bold cinematic horns and Ms. Black's all encompassing voice are the order of the day. We urge you dear listener to pull up a chair and turn it up loud on the turntable. It's the triumphant return of Skyline Recordings