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The Ignobles 'What You Was' (Happy As A Lark)

The Ignobles
A: What You Was
B: Wandering Heart

Happy As A Lark

If you’ve overdone it on the mince pies and Guinness these past few weeks well then you’re certainly not alone but like a sonic Alka Seltzer The Ignobles come to the rescue with the combat reggae fizz remedy to shake off any bad vibes in their own unique style and fashion. Armed with a big toothy grin and a clutch of good vibes, they’re about to turn your January slump on it’s sorry head.

Take for example the lead track from their brand new 45 What You Was which warms the cockles from the opening bars. It is a cautionary tale however with lead singer Michael Sarason warning that things should change before the wheels finally come off.

Flip over the 45 for Wandering Heart. On this track The Ignobles are on full charm offensive mode and charming the pants off the listener is inevitable. Studio One sounding niceness with the earnest Sarason vocal delivery shining through.

If that's not enough they’ve stuffed in a grip of killer dub versions courtesy of Wadada II and King Tony on the digital release. Available to purchase now on Chicago’s Happy As A Lark via http://happyasalark.com/album/what-you-was.

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