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The Jazz Defenders and Doc Brown - Rolling On A High (Haggis)

The Jazz Defenders and Doc Brown
Rolling On A High

For those who attended last weekend's Evolution exhibition in Cork as part of the Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland, you may have heard this very track boomin' out tha system as the b-boys and b-girls did their thing for the curious outta towners and local vagrants. Organised by Stevie G and Choice Cuts' Mark Murphy, the event was a 'celebration of 50 years of hip hop through a jazz lense'. The Jazz Defenders and Doc Brown's 'Rolling On A High' was the perfect track to reflect what the organisers were displaying on the walls (a history of hip hop and jazz spanning 50 years through the artwork of LP covers) and proved to be a hit with anyone within earshot. This forty-five is a precursor to their third LP which we are patiently waiting for (Santa, we're looking at you big guy). In the meantime, we strongly urge you to check out this track after the stream to see what all the fuss is about. It's the perfect blend of beats and rhymes from the meeting of the minds of rapper Doc Brown and Bristol heroes The Jazz Defenders.  Don't believe us? Peep game below. Essential business!

From Haggis:

"Bristol's soul jazz kings The Jazz Defenders release a new vinyl 45 single this autumn as a taster for their third album, which is destined for release in spring 2024. Once again, they are bringing together their love of 1960's soul jazz and golden era 90's hip-hop, just as they did on a couple of tracks on their last album "King Phoenix" (Haggis Records 2022). This new single sees them reunited with London MC/rapper Doc Brown, who guested on the track "Perfectly Imperfect", and his flow sits so naturally over the Jazz Defenders' music and beats, you'd think he's a permanent band member.

The A-side "Rolling On A High" is a real old school boom bap style party hip-hop jam. Big beats, rolling bassline (acoustic double bass), Ramsey Lewis soul jazz piano vamps, funky Hammond organ and some punchy horn section business, all topped off with Doc Brown bouncing bars back and forth with that laid back vibe he always brings to the mic. A guaranteed dance-floor bomb, whether you're a breaker, a jazz dancer or simply a Saturday night disco shuffler. The B-side "Looking Back" takes the tempo right down. An 'end of the night' number when the lights in the club are low, the last drinks are being drained and you're thinking and reminiscing about times gone by. The good times and bad, successes and mistakes. And made even more poignant and reflective halfway through when the mellow strings come into the song (once again excellently arranged by pianist/bandleader George Cooper). If "Rolling On A High" is the fire then "Looking Back" is definitely the ice. Proof that the Jazz Defenders can rock the party and grab the dancers but also dig deep with emotive tunes that draw in the discerning listener.

The Jazz Defenders, led by keyboard maestro George Cooper from The Haggis Horns, have been building a reputation as a great musical unit since their debut Blue Note/hard bop-inspired album "Scheming" appeared on Haggis Records back in 2019, which received a huge amount of praise from critics, and subsequently went on to spend 5 weeks in the top ten of the American jazz charts In 2021, their double A-side vinyl single "The Big Man/Love's Vestige" got them the breakthrough they deserved. It garnered heavy support on radio from top folks like Craig Charles (BBC6 Music), Helen Mayhew (Jazz FM), Jamie Cullum (BBC Radio 2), and Worldwide FM resident DJ's Ashley Beedle and Colin Curtis. They further enhanced their reputation as a rocking band with album number two "King Phoenix" and by electrifying audiences at sold out live shows across the UK, including the legendary Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London.

Album number three is well on its way but for now, check out this tasty limited edition 45 single on Haggis Records. The JDs and Doc Brown...the perfect combination, still keeping that sweet jazz/hip-hop love affair alive today."