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The KBCS / Shirley Turner - I Wish You A World Of Happiness (Sonar Kollektiv)

The KBCS / Shirley Turner
I Wish You A World Of Happiness
(Sonar Kollektiv) 

Are you in the mood for a feel good forty-five that allows the listener to peel away the stresses and strains of a mental day with impatient humans demanding everything yesterday? We urge you to take a pause and drop the needle on this soul forty-five from the Sonar Kollectiv camp. This right here is the perfect tonic for that rough day in the office. German label Sonar Kollektiv are very proud to present a sweet slice of obscure Philly soul with deep connections to their Berlin family. Shirley Turner’s 1965 recording of 'I Wish You A World Of Happiness' has long been a crate digger’s delight and now receives a very special reissue, alongside a rather stunning cover version from Hamburg based quartet, The KBCS, featuring the vocal talents of Nora Becker. This sweet soul cut is giving us all the feels and has made its way into our playbox. While we patiently wait for heat from The KBCS and Sonar Kollectiv, it's time to sit back and enjoy 'I Wish You A World Of Happiness'. Available now from the Sonar Kollectiv Bandcamp.