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The Mighty Mocambos - Golden Shadow (Légère)

The Mighty Mocambos
olden Shadow

We turn the page on another bumper year for releases across the musical spectrum only to discover that around the bend we find The Mighty Macambos are back at it again for the twenty-twenty. Following on from their latest album ‘2066’ , which dropped at the tail end of 2019, these future funk high kings solidify their position at the very summit of the funk food chain. Feast your ears on this double dose of goodness by way of frenetically-paced breakbeat gem ‘Golden Shadow’ and the salaciously sassy 'Preaching To The Choir’. This constantly evolving, constant pushing-the-envelope-that-bit-further funk collective have been busy spreading the word these past few months through a blistering European tour and 2020 looks to be an even brighter prospect.

Our advice to you today is this. If The Mighty Mocambos are in your town you should do yourself a favour and get down to the venue to check them out in the flesh. In the meantime, grab this seven from their Bandcamp page while stocks last.