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The Mighty Mocambos - Superstrada (Mocambo)

The Mighty Mocambos
A: Superstrada
B: Concrete Stardust

The Mighty Mocambos are adept at using their time in hibernation wisely. For they now present to us a glorious double sider forty-five to get us through tough times like what we're currently experiencing. 'Superstrada' has this supa charged Hamburg outfit deliverin' the feels with the emphasis on creating a heaving dancefloor (remember them?). Funk fuelled fanatics will devour this cut as it ebbs and flows but loses none of the energy that kick-starts this funk jam.
Meanwhile on the flip 'Concrete Stardust' , the group favour more of an upfront battle style with enough ammo in the three minutes of this record to whip the b-boys and b-girls into a frenzy. Durty, durty sub synths trade blows with the horn stabs all glued together with some of the funkiest fatback drums.

Listen to the stream of both sides that follow this passage and make your way to Bandcamp to secure your copy today.