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The Mighty Mocambos - Take Off (Mocambo)

The Mighty Mocambos
The Take Off

Leading German funk protagonists The Mighty Mocambos are set to turn the world on it's head with yet another slice of funk from their creative hub. On this their latest 45 for the Mocambo label they prove to us what we have known for so long - that this crew are at the top of their game and are showing little sign of dropping down a gear. Quite the contrary in fact, they are heading airborne with 'The Take Off' with the finely tuned Mocambo sound (think heavy drums and driving horns). On the flip, they are joined onboard by soul sister Nichola Richards and MC JSwiss who bring some extra funk spice to the mix to make this release another Mocambo sureshot. Head over to the Mocambo Records Bandcamp to secure your copy today.