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The mysterious liveDEMO 45

liveDEMO Promopressing ft. Kurtis Blow, Mr. Complex, Mangu & Oezlem

Something very special reappeared on the surface! After the seminal live recording at the popular liveDEMO event in Berlin November 2005, the already limited stack of the records mysteriously dissapeared, they’re even not listed on Discogs yet. Only a very few were handed out to selected DJs. A good 12 years later the Dusty Bros dug the only known 41 copies left from the basement of Live DEMO’s co-founder DJ San Gabriel (check him on https://soundcloud.com/djsangabriel) to offer you this very rare piece of Hip Hop History.

Side A : This is us (liveDEMO Anthem) feat. Kurtis Blow, Mr. Complex, Mangu & Oezlem

Side B : Rappin’ Blow feat. The legendary Kurtis Blow with liveDEMO Band

Don’t sleep on this gem! Soon on Dustydonuts.bandcamp.com

Check the Soundlinks here :


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