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The New Cobras - Soulgroove'66 (Soul Messin')

The New Cobras

(Soul Messin')

SOUL. IS. WHAT'S. HAPPENING. The New Cobras are a Melbourne studio powerhouse that prefer to keep their identity under raps. I am not sure how they will keep incognito because this gang of funky misfits are about to blow the eff up with their debut offering on Soul Messin'. On 'Soulgroove '66 Pt.1' they open proceedings with a salivating open drum segment and proceed to give us the goods with a funky guitar lick and a sprinkling of a heavy Hammond. The New Cobras pay tribute to those who have threaded the path before them and at the same time forge their own thanks in no small part to the infectious nature of this debut. Out now on glorious 45 from the Soul Messin' Bandcamp page.