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The Soul Grenades 'Get Lucky' (Mukatsuku)

The Soul Grenades
'Get Lucky' / 'Louie Louie'

Taking a break from reissuing killer afro/latin/soul/funk nuggets, Mukatsuku have pressed up something new from The Soul Grenades on a vinyl only release. This is a brass band affair but with added extras. Personally, I'm not exactly a big fan of brass-band-covers-of-classic-tracks as for me they never really translate that well to a recording even though they are great fun in a live setting. But what makes this stand out is the extra instrumentation - Rhodes and Hammond to be precise and that lifts it above a straight brass outing. You may of course just love a brass band joint, and this one is a decent one for sure, but seeing a group like this LIVE is always going to be the best thing. Putting my snobbery aside, dancefloors do react well to tracks like this, they are party tracks and who doesn't like a good party?!

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