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The Temptations - I Can't Get Next To You (Wonderlove's Re-edit) (Soul Flip)

A: The Temptations - I Can't Get Next To You (Wonderlove's Re-edit)
B: Jack Hammer - Swim (Wonderlove's Short Re-edit)
(Soul Flip)

Here come the Soul Flip gang to remedy the blues that generally come hand in hand with this time of year. If you feel like your life is incomplete and you're so blue then let their newest signing Wonderlove embelish you with the sonic tonic that's infused with the feelgood vibe ingredients to see you through. 

The first offering from Wonderlove is The Temptations staple 'I Can't Get Next To You' and on the flip is Jack Hammer's 'Swim'. Both fresh for 2019 with those beefy DJ friendly drums to keep those dancers on the floor for at least another 3 minutes or so. Unless of course the DJ has another Soul Flip 45 lined up and if that's the case it's dancefloor business as usual.

The street date for this release is January 21st but let this act as a friendly forewarning to keep a keen watchful eye as these Soul Flip 45s tend to fly out.
The sites you should be keeping your beady's on are the Soul Flip Bandcamp page: https://soulflip.bandcamp.com and Juno: