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The Truckin' Company 'Got The Feeling' (Daje Funk)

The Truckin' Company / IZK Eyes
'Got The Feeling (Massimo Berardi edit)'
'Ton Of Groove (The Funk District re-edit)'

(Daje Funk)

The brand new label from Rome is on a roll already with release No. 2 and boy oh boy it's a beauty. Daje Funk is all about the deadliest disco edits with various producers reworking, remixing and re-rubbing classic and obscure disco into fresh new productions aiming for, and thoroughly achieving maximum dancefloor pressure. Naturally a good disco mix is longer than three and half mins, so these babies are cut looooong with circa 6 mins per side to give it chance for the groove to build. Massimo Beradi's edit is a thumping disco joint, full of strings, horns and flanged out guitar riffs and kicks ass. Meanwhile on the B side (you guessed it, this is where the heat is) The Funk District's edit 'Ton Of Groove' is absolute FIRE. This is disco loaded with so much funk you won't know what to do with yourself, except dance. There really isn't enough of this type of thing on 45 so Daje Funk is a welcome breath of fresh funky air and we can't wait to hear what's next. I will happily predict there will be some incredible stuff in the works, with the amazing producer De Gama at the helm it's unavoidable (just check out his killer afro/house/dub beats on the Samosa label for proof). Absolutely LOVE this new label here at 45 Live!

Dropping 16th September

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