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Tom Caruana - Forget Me Not (Uluru)

Tom Caruana / The Movement
Forget Me Not / The Movement / Smith Bros

For this their tenth release, the mighty Uluru label bring out the big guns for a super heavyweight mash up experience like no other. We have to thank the label for some life saving forty-fives to date. When all else fails, their secret weapon heat rocks have dug us out of a hole time and time again. It should prove no different for this release. Uluru Records latest signing, remixer Tom Caruana comes to the fore with his Wu-Beatles project which has finally landed on wax for all the vinyl DJs who have craved this since first hearing it. It's a prefect blend of that classic Wu verse over some Abbey Road ruckus. We're feeling this one. One thing is for sure, these three mash ups will give a fresh reggae twist to your DJ set. Out now from Uluru's Bandcamp page GO!