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Venice Beach 'F' (45 Loves)

Venice Beach / Jay Airiness
'F' / 'FF'
(45 Loves)

45 Loves is the creative playground for acclaimed producer and DJ - Moar - who along with his cohort feed us a steady diet of ultra-limited 45 releases with a firm focus on the dancefloor. It's instantly recognisable when someone has 'feel', and it's 'feel' that is half the battle whether you're producing a rekkid, painting a picture or pursuing any creative endeavour. Both sides here have that inborn talent in abundance.  For 'F' on the A-side, we get an absolutely brilliant disco edit (I couldn't tell you the sources), which just grooves perfectly, full of sweeping sonics and a deadly arrangement, there is no fear that this won't drop in a big way on the dancefloor, I can picture it now!

Over on the B side and Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wildside' gets the remix treatment from Jay Airiness, and if one word is all I had, it would be 'WOW'. But I do have more words...starting with a teasing echoed out sax riff over THAT bassline and a 4 to the floor slo-mo beat with percussive flourishes, this evolves into a beautiful stripped-down dubbed-out house-not-house nugget. It really is perfect, unless of course, you could fit 8 mins on a 7" for a super extended mix to dub things out to the freak zone.

There are only 100 copies of this, housed in a lovely handmade sleeve from Didier Clain. We advise swift action.

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