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Vito Lalinga - Fela Madness (Sound Exhibition)

Vito Lalinga
Fela Madness / Fela Madness (Santoro Afro Touch)

(Sound Exhibition)

Vito Lalinga has been turning out a mix of Afro, disco, funk and soul grooves, edits, originals and remixes for the last couple of years on labels like Legofunk, Timewarp and Irma Records. This time out on his third and final EP of 2021, attention turns to the late great Afrobeat king Fela Kuti. 'Fela Madness' is a tribute track with tight stick work, tumbling drums and sensuous horns lacing the whole affair together in authentic Fela fashion. On the flip of this limited edition green vinyl 7" is a Santoro Afro Touch mix that beefs up the drums to make them that bit more heavy, club-ready and contemporary.