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Wax Rax 45A Adaptors

Wax Rax are a small independant company based out in Brooklyn, New York and act as a one stop shop for all your vinyl needs.  As a DJ, spinning 45s requires the right products that aid your set and help you to construct a mix without familiar pitfalls that might hamper your experience. The right adaptor is a crucial cog for those DJ's spinning dinked 45s and we feel that the Wax Rax adaptor is a great solution. What really sets this adaptor apart is the shape. The grip has three indents and extra height that allows you to switch between 45s and 12" vinyl with ease. Make slippy cones and domes a thing of the past. It's too easy for them to drop on the turntable or vinyl unlike the Wax Rax 45A adaptor. The center hole and diameter of Wax Rax adapters fit the spindle and 7 inch vinyl precisely due to the fact that they are  machined to RIAA specs. Weighing in at 39 grams, the Wax Rax 45A is the heaviest aluminum 45 adapter on the market  making this a stable product for the turntable. Having road tested these adaptors on the road we fully endorse this product for 45 slingers. Head on over to the Wax Rax website for the full product line.


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