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Whirlwind D - When It's Fast (Tru-Tone)

Whirlwind D
A: When It's Fast
B: Ocean's Breeze


By now those of you who are not familiar with how this man does it then please take note. We already know, which is why we sport this smug grin and have a satisfied set of lugholes on each side of that grin. And now for the introduction. Whirlwind D is a mjaor force in the hip hop world with a body of work spanning 25 years. He has cemented his placing with the release of his fourth studio LP entitled 'Libra' LP which is out now on B-Line Recordings. Two of arguably the strongest cuts from that LP are on this super limited 45. Both 'When It's Fast' and 'Ocean's Breeze' are both club friendly tracks so packing this in the crate really is a no brainer. By now, the reality is this 45 has been scooped up and it is in the hands of the secondary market sharks but fear not because there are still some copies of the outstanding Libra LP to snap up.

From B-Line Recordings:

"B-Line Recordings presents Whirlwind D's fourth studio album. The album is already being heralded as one of the highlights of 2023 and includes, for the first time on vinyl, D's smash hit 'Labels (Extended Smoove Mix)' which got into the BBC6 Music Top 30 Funk And Soul of 2021. Guests include Farma G, Lewis Parker, Jazz T, Specifik and Djar One to name a few and the album concept is built around the duality in Whirlwind D's music from the funk of tracks such as Smoove's version of 'Labels' to the hardcore sounds of tracks like the Franky Roar-produced 'The Deep' which also features Chrome, Junior Disprol and Specifik on mic duties."

Listen to tracks from the LP below and order after the stream.