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Whirlwind D 'Without Music' (B Line)

Whirlwind D
'Without Music' feat Micall Parknsun / 'Labels Smoove Mix'
(B Line Recordings)

Personally speaking, I thought I had already decided upon my favourite 45 of 2021, but this is right up there in the mix for sure. An absolutely top drawer slice of UK hip hop that comes across like a Jay Z multi-platinum smasher!

The soulful loop beautifully crafted by Djar One forms an undeniable vibe for Whirlwind D and Micall to let their lyrical flow loose upon, with Specifik adding the cuts. This is basically the result when a talented bunch of hip hop stalwarts are operating at the top of their game, I can't really say any better than that to be honest, it's in and of itself perfect!

But the release doesn't stop there, over on the flip, 45 Live crew player Smoove has taken Whirlwind D's 'Labels' cut from 2018 and remixed it into a big band banger. The string refrain gives it a weirdly spooky edge, maybe that's just my head after recently watching 'Midnight Mass' on Netflix, anyways, I digress, it's a great mix, bounds along with urgency and is singularly wicked.

Stand up fellas, ya smashed it.

Buy: Juno / Bandcamp