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X-Ray Ted 'Talkin' (Bomb Strikes)

X-Ray Ted
'Talkin' / 'So Much'
(Bomb Strikes)

As winter shows an inkling of sodding off (for us northern hemisphere types, hold on, if the earth is flat how does that explain winter/summer? Anyways, I digress...), the warmth of the sun is breaking through and one starts to imagine summery days on the beach, festivals and much music to soundtrack your brief moment in the sun (again, this is aimed at us Brits!). Anyways, I'm digressing again, so let us turn our attention to this little shining ray of musical sunshine from X-Ray Ted...

If you could package up a couple of tracks onto a 7" that would become a sure-fire play-crate standard for your festival gigs, then it would be exactly like this 45. Two mid-tempo gems with ALL the feels to put smiles on faces and spring in your step. Utilising vintage soulful slices expertly arranged with delicious beats and breaks, and warm rubbery basslines, both sides achieve perfection in their aims.

Set starters, mid-set nuggets, or even end of night (and by that I mean sunrise), this 45 could occupy any of those moments. A summer winner. Go nab it quick.

Buy: Juno / Bandcamp