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DJ A-L - Still Talkin’ Bout Hey Love (Retro Respect)

Still Talkin’ Bout Hey Love
(Retro Respect)

The modus operandi of producer DJ A-L requires further inspection. We have a hunch his intention is to bum rush every DJ's wish list for the upcoming festive season or to overtake seemingly impermeable heat rock 45s in everyone's end of year top ten list. When you consider the track in question it's not a stretch to suggest that he will get the job done on both counts.

Merging Stevie's charm with a dope drum loop, DJ A-L's fresh take on the Wonder kid's Motown staple is everything the world needs right now, even if they don't realise it just yet. Peep game below and decide for yourself but make sure you make your way to the Bandcamp link post haste as it's another sureshot from the man that's bound to sell out if it hasn't done so already. GO!