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Grandbaby - Congo Solar (Wax Thematique)

Congo Solar
(Wax Thematique)

As the wild weather continues in this part of the world and showing no signs of abaiting, this brand new 45 from Washington based label Wax Thematique has entered our lives like a silver lining. However don't expect 'sunny delight' when it comes to this forty-five. That's far from what you should expect. Jason Baldock's Grandbaby project make sounds that seem to relish in the fact that they embrace the darker side of life. Baldock make music to make toes curl and goosebumps grow on forearms. If you have a soft spot for dark cinematic soundscapes and the dirtiest psych funk ever commited to wax than you won't be disappointed. 'Congo Solar' will leave a bitter taste in the mouth and a feeling that you've been robbed of your very soul.  Available now in a limited 45, head over to the Wax Thematique Bandcamp page to secure your copy today.


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