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Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations Collection (Dynamite Cuts)

Mighty Ryeders
A: Evil Vibrations
B: The Mighty Ryeders
C: Lovely
D: Everybody Groove
(Dynamite Cuts)

'Evil Vibrations', nestled inside the group’s only LP 'Help Us Spread The Message', demands a single release and to think it never had one in the first instance boggles the mind. Step forward Dynamite Cuts to bring this standout track from the LP to a whole new audience by way of a full picture sleeve 45. Not only that, this double-pack altogether features four of the more in demand tracks from that LP.

On 'The Mighty Ryeders', and in case you forgot, they repeatedly exclaim ina triumphant fashion for all who care (yes, we care deeply) "We're The Mighty Ryeders". It's a badge of honour, and so it bloody well should be. Who would not want to be a Mighty Ryeder? I mean come on!
'Lovely'  is not the gigantic sonic band aid that this broken world needs but all bets are off on the potential healing capacity of this track. We just need a way to help them spread the message and get this in the listener’s ears.
'Everybody Groove' is an open invitation for those with a penchant to get down. And with Mighty Ryeders leading the charge we’re only happy to get in line!

All we need is rollerskates and a few bob in the back pocket and we’re off to secure a copy from the local record store or for those who know their way around the information superhighway those clever clogs can purchase a double-pack from Juno: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-mighty-ryeders-evil-vibrations-collection/673830-01/