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Suckaside - Kilo Of Burgundy (feat Captain Flatcap) (Suckaside)

A: Suckaside - Kilo Of Burgundy (feat Captain Flatcap)
B: LROY - Triple Magic

For those of you still in a Covid bunker with barely access to essential condiments let alone the latest sure fire forty-fives on the market right now I hope the message gets through to you about this Corona-busting heat rock from the Sucksaside camp. The perfect remedy for all that ails ya is a visit to the Suckaside Bandcamp page for a treasure trove of cheeky edits, upfront party bangers and every once in a while, they will unleash their work on glorious forty-five. The latest of which is Suckaside's 'Kilo Of Burgundy'. The track reveals the producer's love of both Liam Howlett and Ron Burgundy who form an unlikely alliance for the ultimate secret weapon for the DJ. On the flip entitled 'Triple Magic', a timely Daisy Age tribute from LROY pits two giant rap trio together for a feel good factor five scorcher that is primed for the club circuit this summer. Listen to both sides of this record below, and pre-order after the stream. 


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