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Syd Def Jam The ultimate 45 adapters

Syd Def Jam
The ultimate 45 adapters

Look right here! it seems to me that someone has at last created the ultimate dinked 45 adapter. Even though I don't have some in my hands (yet!), I can just tell that these are the business. These babies are CNC turned and made from solid brass and then nickle plated, and with that super clever rubber O ring that sits above the vinyl to clamp the vinyl down in place. It must have been one of those 'oh yeah' moments when the guys at Syd Def Jam invented it. In my mind it kills 2 birds with one stone, the O ring combined with the solid mass of the adapter means it no doubt works as an adapter AND vinyl weight/clamp.

DJing with 45s is a deft touch artform, so these will give you that extra bit of confidence when getting in contact with the vinyl. So ditch those plastic adapters, and even the more heavyweight ones because they don't have the O Ring! And forget about the silly shaped ones too, these look to be all you need.

Now, to order myself a couple!


'my all time favorite by far, they are super dope, 100% recommended'
DJ Suspect