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The Zomo RS-250 XT 7" single case

The Zomo RS-250 XT 7" single case

When it comes to vinyl storage and transportation, everyone has had their heads turned by 45s bags from the likes of Magma, Tucker & Bloom and even repurposed fishing tackle bags. Bags are just 'in' right now. But hey, let us not forget the old school flightcase.

If I think back to the 80s, we all used flightcases, from 100 x 12" stucco boxes that weighed a ton, 45s stucco flightcases, and even the homemade flight-suit-cases that held 300 to 400 x 45s, or even more. In fact, when browsing eBay or Facebook Marketplace, I often see 70s/80s DJ collections being sold and they are usually in some kind of homemade box/crate/suitcase, something that the working DJ could take to a gig and be able to play their 7s for 4 or 5 hours. As time went on, it seemed to take a while for manufacturers to start to properly cater for the 45s DJ and produce well-designed solutions, but now in 2020, there are thankfully many options to suit pretty much all scenarios. From half-hour guest spot to 5-hour set, local to international, there's a method to carry your wax that is going to suit the occasion.

So here's a new flightcase from Zomo that is worth pointing out specifically for its design. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen a 45s flightcase that has a centre strip dividing the 2 main vinyl compartments. Why is this notable? Well, apart from being able to stash adapters, mic, cart case etc, it also separates your rows of vinyl sufficiently enough so when you are making your forthcoming selections and turn the records to 45 degrees, they aren't going to get in the way of each other as you flick through. That's pretty nifty in my book. What else can you say? Not a lot, it's a hard case box so your vinyl is protected in transit and it will certainly go as hand luggage. It also comes in 5 different colourways, but most would completely plaster it with stickers anyway. So if you're partial to a hard case, want to carry a hefty 250 x 7s that will cover a fairly long set comfortably then this Zomo could be the solution for you.

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