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Boogie Down Productions - Poetry (B-Boy Records)

Boogie Down Productions
(B-Boy Records)

What you hear is not a test. That’s right, Prime Direct Distribution continue their series of Discogs busting holy grail rap 45s at an affordable price with the release of ‘Poetry’. The original  pressing of this forty-five is known to cross palms for three figures but now thanks to Prime Direct Distribution the wider community can bump this heavy hitter in the club while simultaneously staying on track with mortgage repayments. Rap high kings Boogie Down Productions should need little introduction with the winning formula of emcee (KRS One) and deejay (Scott La Rock) reigning supreme through rap’s golden age. ‘Poetry’ will guarantee to bang in the club today thanks to some so-so def production techniques from Scott La Rock underpinning KRS's unique flow. Pre-order your copy today safe in the knowledge that you can finally cross this one off your wants list.