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Mad nice on the 45s

Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat – four words that sum up the life of Boca 45.

Known as somewhat of a Bristol institution from his early days selling Hip Hop from behind the counter of the seminal Purple Penguin record shop. 

With 3 Boca 45 albums (Pitch Sounds / Vertigo Sounds / Dig Eat Beats Repeat) & many singles, remixes & DJ mixes - he's also earned a mighty rep for his mega collaborative projects alongside Andy Smith as Dynamo Productions, with Gee Ealey as Malachai (Domino Records), with Parker as The Beekeepers, with Ben Salisbury as Dolman most recently locking horns with World Champ DJ Woody as BocaWoody.

So many releases over the years on labels such as Island, Domino, Grand Central, Illicit, Jalapeno, Unique and Jack To Phono, under a slew of aliases, it’s sometimes tricky to pin the man down. As he says himself, the best way to soak up the Boca 45 experience is to catch one his blistering live DJ sets.

Banksy personally requested Scott Boca to DJ the opening party at Dismal Land in 2015 & has A List fans such as Serge from Kasabian & Huey Morgan at BBC 6 Music

Boca 45 is always ready to hit the clubs, armed with a heaving box of 7” vinyl. His aim? As it has been on all his global travels and international DJ shows, to whip crowds into a frenzy with his crazy collection of hot brand new 7'' donuts & vintage vinyl gems.




Boca 45:

In The City 7’’ 2001 - High Noon Records

Battlecreek 3 EP 2002 - Illicit Recordings

La Bombonera 12’’ 2003 - High Noon Records

Take A Ride 12’’ 2004 - Grand Central Records

Pitch Sounds LP 2004 - Grand Central Records/Invada Records (Australia)

Down To Mexico EP 2005 - Grand Central Records

Boca Plays His 45s mix cd – Dickies/Fat City

Diegos Theme 12’’ 2006 - Unique Records

Vertigo Sounds LP 2006  - Unique Records/Invada(Australia)/Jet Set(Japan)

Koochi/45 Took Hudson 7’’ 2009 - Jalapeno Records

Bombonera Sounds mini LP 2009 - Jalapeno Records

Return Of The Original Dancefreaks 7’’ 2011 - Jack To Phono

We’re Right Here 7’’ 2013 – Digga Please

Dig, Eat, Beats Repeat LP 2015 – Digga Please

Mr Big Sun single 2015 – Digga Please

Soul On Top ft Louis Baker single 2016 - 45 Live 


BocaWoody :

NWSW EP 1 Limited Edition 7'' Vinyl/ Mix/Print EP Pack 2016 - BocaWoody Recordings

Ready 2 Rock / Hard Core 7'' single 2016 - BocaWoody Recordings 


Dynamo Productions:

Showtime Volume 1 EP 2001 - Illicit Recordings

Battlecreek Volume 2 EP - Illicit Recordings

Showtime Volume 2 EP 2002 - Illicit Recordings

Showtime Volume 3 EP 2003 - Illicit Recordings

Analogue LP 2003 - Illicit Recordings/Unique Recordings/Invada Recordings

Steppin it Up 12" 2004 – Unique Records

Message from the King 12’’ 2004 - Howlin’ Records

The Showtime Remix EP 2004 - Illicit Recordings

Get It Together LP 2004 - Unique/Invada Recordings


The Beekeepers: 

Bee Funk EP 2009 - Jalapeno Records

See Change single 2010 - Jalapeno Records

Queen Bee single 2011 - Jalapeno Records

Apiculture LP 2011 - Jalapeno Records


Diego And The Dissidents:

Contaminated Waters EP/7’’ 2010 - Jack To Phono Records

Contaminated Waters LP 2010 - Jack To Phono/Quite Scientific Records (North America)

Cosmic Dust EP 2011 - Jack To Phono Records


Dolman :

MonoBrow single 2014 – Inflection Point Records

Dolman 1 LP 2014 – Inflection Point Records

The Rainbow single 2014 – Inflection Point Records


Mc Kay:

Thinking Of You (co write with Geoff Barrow) 2004 - Polydor Records



Fading World 12’’ 2007 - Invada Records

Malachai EP vol 1 2008 - Island/Universal Records

Snowflake single 2010 - Domino Records

Ugly Side Of Love LP 2010 - Domino Records

Let Em Fall single 2011 - Domino Records

Return To The Ugly Side LP 2011 - Domino Records

Anne single 2011 - Domino Records

I Deserve To No ! single 2014 – Domino Records

Beyond Ugly LP 2014 – Domino Records

Sweet Flower single 2014 – Domino Records



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