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GO.SOUL.MAP - Pushing / Back In The Underwater (Space Echo)

Pushing / Back In The Underwater
(Space Echo)

We have in our hands a beautiful slab of wax from Italian producer GO.SOUL.MAP that we’re itchin’ to let you know about. We simply cannot get enough of the Balearic mid tempo feel good vibes that this producer has cooked up on this forty-five entitled ‘Pushin’. We can just see ourselves playing this record by the pool on a sun scorched day with a cold drink by our side but this track will also work so well in a downtown club once the sun goes down. Flip the record over for the track entitled ‘Back In The Water'. On this instrumental cut, the producer takes it down a notch with some cool out synth vibes on the track. Feelin’ this one in a major way. Listen to both tracks below ahead of the release of the GO.SOUL.MAP debut LP and purchase after the stream.