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Jstar meets DJ's Choice - Warrior feat. Dark Angel (Jstar)

Jstar meets DJ's Choice
Warrior feat. Dark Angel


Jstar is not one of those reggae producers who will sit idly by with his leather glove clad fingers gently tapping the steering wheel, nodding his head to his latest production while all others whizz by in his wake. Not Jstar. No sooner had The Rebel DJ and Dark Angel entered the fray with 'Warrior' than Jstar was applying pressure to every corner of the track to shape it into one of the summer's quick fire starters. Lifting the sasquatch tones of Dark Angel's vocal and breathing new J Star trademark fire into 'Warrior', it's the finish line in sight. Step up to the winners podium sir and bask in the glory of another winning 45.

Available via Jstar's Bandcamp: https://jstarmusic.bandcamp.com/track/warrior-feat-dark-angel